Learn Spanish from wherever you are!  Whether you are brand-new to Spanish, want to practice your speaking skills with a regular conversation partner, or want to continue learning after studying on the Pie de Gigante campus, through Skype or Google Hangout we can teach you Spanish no matter your location!  


By the Hour: We will arrange a time for you to study 1-1 with one of our experienced teachers. Contact us today so we can make arrangements for you to begin lessons.  

Pricing: US$10 per hour

Payment: We accept PayPal. Contact us for transaction details.  

NOTE: All prices are in U.S. Dollars (taxes included). A registration fee of $15 is required for all students.

username:  spanishgigante@gmail.com

username: spanishgigante@gmail.com

username:  spanishgigante

username: spanishgigante